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Offshore tax in Kazakhstan: from calculation to payment
This article provides a brief overview of the essence and the payment procedure of the so-called offshore tax in Kazakhstan.
Offshore tax in Belarus: from calculation to payment
Working with companies from offshore zones provides additional obligations for Belarusian counterparties and requires certain control.

An offshore zone, for taxation purposes in Belarus, is recognized as a state (territory) that has a preferential tax regime and (or) does not provide for the disclosure and provision of information on financial transactions.
Offshore tax in Belarus and Kazakhstan: from calculation to payment
When dealing with foreign markets, companies interact with companies from different territories, including those from offshore jurisdictions. Many countries have approved their own list of such zones.
Unfair Competition in the Use of Intellectual Property Objects: Problems and Ways to Protect a Trademark in Belarus
In the course of carrying out its business activities, the company may face unfair actions of a competitor. One of the common methods of unfair competition is the illegal use by a competitor of a designation that is identical or confusingly similar to the trademark of another business entity. In Belarus, the prohibition on committing such actions is established in the civil and antimonopoly legislation.
Unfair competition: problems and methods of trademark protection in Uzbekistan
As of this date, cases of unfair competition are increasing not only in Uzbekistan, but all over the world which, in turn, affect both producers and consumers. As we can notice, the range of counterfeit products is not limited only to high-consumption goods; in the Uzbek market, they can also be found among famous brands of clothing, food products, infant formula, medicines and software.
Unfair competition in use of trademarks. Problems and Ways to Protect a Trademark. Russia (Samara)
As you know, the main tasks of trademarks are to individualize the goods of legal entities or individual entrepreneurs, attract a consumer and, accordingly, increase the income of the copyright holder, and for the consumer - to ensure a certain quality of the product.