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Unfair Competition in the Use of Intellectual Property Objects: Problems and ways to protect a Trademark in Mongolia
Mongolia is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization and has acceded to major treaties and conventions related to intellectual property. Also signed and ratified the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).
A minimal price for certain types of imported goods is set for the purposes of VAT and excise tax calculation
A minimal price for certain types of imported goods is set for the purposes of VAT and excise tax calculation.
Thus, on 27 September 2021 a draft of the Order of the Minister of trade and integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On approval of the application rules on minimal price level for certain types of goods, imported from the member-states of the Eurasian economic union to the Republic of Kazakhstan, for the purposes of cost determination in respect of the purchased goods" (hereinafter – the “Rules”) was published on the website of the Ministry of trade and integration of Kazakhstan.
ALERT. Extended producer/importer responsibility
At present, a draft of the new rules on implementation of extended producer/importer obligations (hereinafter - the "New Rules"), which, presumably, will replace the existing ones (hereinafter - the "Current Rules"), is under public discussion.
A Primer into corporate taxation in Tajikistan
Taxes are among the most difficult issues in any country of the world, and Tajikistan is no exception. Navigating through and understanding the Tax Code of Tajikistan (Tax Code) can prove to be a challenge due to the used language (it can be rather vague) and terminology (it is rather heavy). That leaves a room for tax authorities to provide their interpretation, which, as expected, will be beneficial for the state and not to the taxpayer.
Kazakhstan Data Breach
Data protection in Kazakhstan is mainly regulated by the Law of 21 May 2013 No. 94-V ZRK on Personal Data and its Protection ('the Personal Data Law'), Law of 24 November 2015 No. 418-V on Informatisation ('the Informatisation Law') and relevant subsidiary laws.
Regulation to prevent and combat the spread COVID-19 and to reduce its negative social and economic impact
The Law on Prevention and Combating the of Coronavirus Infection (Covid-19) and Mitigation of its Social and Economic Impacts was approved on April 29, 2020 and shall be effective until December 31, 2021.