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Lawyers were allowed to receive a fee
The changes secured the right to a success fee for holders of the status of a lawyer. But it's not that simple. To begin with, the Federal Chamber of lawyers should specify the rules for success fees. Already, Law No. 400-FZ specifies that this provision will not apply to criminal cases and cases of administrative offenses.
A new law on supporting the development of small and medium-sized businesses has been adopted
The State Duma adopted amendments to the Federal law "on the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Russian Federation".
Dispute Resolution in Russia
GRATA International is an international law firm that provides services in the following practices, including corporate law, international trade and customs law, project finance and public-private partnership, real estate, litigation, intellectual property, etc.
Criteria for classification as large taxpayers
The largest taxpayer in the Russian Federation is a registered legal entity carrying out legal activities, and which can be assigned to this category based on special criteria.
GRATA International was noted in the results of the research "Legal market leaders-2020" by “Kommersant” publishing house
“Kommersant” publishing house published the results of the research "leaders of the legal services market-2020".
The Central Bank will change the grounds for blocking accounts for the first time in eight years
The Central Bank has published amendments to regulation 375-P, which relate to signs of suspicious transactions.