T h e   L a w   o f   U k r a i n e   " O n   f e e d    
s a f e t y   a n d   h y g i e n e "   w a s   r e t u r n e d    
t o   t h e   P a r l i a m e n t   w i t h   t h e    
s i g n a t u r e   o f   t h e   P r e s i d e n t   o f    
U k r a i n e  

The Law of Ukraine "On feed safety and hygiene" 

On January 18, 2018, The Law of Ukraine "On feed safety and hygiene" No. 2264-VIII dated December 21, 2017, was signed by the President of Ukraine, and returned to the Parliament of Ukraine. The Law will come into force in stages until fully in 2020[1].

The Law applies to relations between market operators and public authorities to ensure the feed safety at the stages of its production, circulation and use, in particular by ensuring proper hygiene, labelling, packaging, presentation, and good practices of productive animals feeding.

Feeds that do not meet the requirements specified by the Law may be processed before the end of the minimum shelf life, but not more than three years. Feeds that were labelled before the provisions concerning labelling had come into force may be in circulation before the end of the minimum shelf life.

Due to the adoption of the Law, the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences is amended. In according with the disposition of the article providing for responsibility for failure to comply with the lawful requirements of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service officials and the State Service of Veterinary Medicine officials for the destruction of dangerous food products, feed, food and feed additives, flavourings, dietary additives, auxiliary materials (means) for the processing of food and feed, a fine in the amount of 1,700 - 8500 UAH may be imposed.

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