P r o c e d u r e   f o r   u s i n g   t h e   r e s o u r c e s   o f   t h e   E n e r g y   E f f i c i e n c y   F u n d  

Procedure for using the resources of the Energy Efficiency Fund

On February 7, 2018, the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine came into force.

The corresponding Procedure determines the mechanism of using the funds provided for in the state budget under the program "Functioning of the Energy Efficiency Fund".

The Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine (hereinafter - the Ministry of Regional Development) is the main administrator of budgetary funds and the responsible executor of the budget program.

Budget funds, received by the Fund, are used exclusively to ensure its statutory activities, in particular, for:

-    supporting energy efficiency initiatives, introducing incentive tools and supporting the implementation of activities to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and energy conservation, in particular in the residential sector, taking into account the national plan for energy efficiency, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions for the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the introduction of the EU acquis communautaire and the implementation of the agreement on the establishment of the Energy Community, ensuring Ukraine's compliance with international energy efficiency commitments by:

-       realization of thermomodernization;

-       implementation of effective monitoring and management systems;

-      the establishment of high-efficiency heating and cooling systems and equipment, as well as the replacement of existing systems and equipment with more efficient ones;

-     the implementation of other measures to reduce the consumption of energy resources, provided that the quality of provision of housing and communal services is unchanged or improved in a cost-effective way, including measures to increase the share of electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

The distribution of budget funds in the directions for the relevant budget period will be carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Regional Development in accordance with the justifications provided by the Foundation on the need for funds, detailed cost calculations and the annual plan of activities approved by the Supervisory Council of the Fund and the cost of maintenance[1].

[1] http://search.ligazakon.ua/l_doc2.nsf/link1/KP171102.html

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