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Dispute Resolution support in Turkey
As a part of our enhanced range of services and an expanded network of offices, we would like to offer our dispute resolution support in Turkey.

GRATA International’s clients will be guaranteed first-class legal service in Turkey, while clients of Baspinar & Partners will get access to GRATA International’s entire network and it’s global coverage.
Amendments to the regulation on the unified procedure for veterinary control (supervision) at the customs border of the EAEU and on the customs territory of the EAEU
These changes provide for the possibility of issuing a veterinary certificate in electronic form. If this form was used, the officials of the authorized body of the member state do not have the right to require the owner (carrier) of the controlled goods to present a veterinary certificate on a paper form.
A new regulation on the procedure for the conservation of fixed assets.
Since November 1, 2021, a new regulation on the procedure for the conservation of fixed assets shall have come into force. It is going to replace the previously valid Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 683 of 22.05.2003.
Changes to the internal workplace regulations
On August 7, 2021, changes to the standard rules of the internal labor regulations came into force. They have resulted from the previously introduced amendments to the Labor Code.
Import of goods from Lithuania in a new way
Since September 1, when importing goods by road to Belarus from the territory of Lithuania, it is mandatory to use electronic navigation devices (seals).
Change in taxation
When determining the tax base of income tax from individuals, income received in the form of insurance compensation and (or) insurance coverage in connection with the occurrence of insurance events under voluntary life insurance and voluntary insurance of additional pensions concluded before January 1, 2021, for less than 3 years.