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The new version of the regulation on the unified skills guide for positions of managers, specialists and non-manual workers (USGP)
From September 8, 2021, the new version of the USGP regulation comes into force.
USGP is mandatory for use in organizations, regardless of their legal forms, in which labor relations are based on an employment contract.
Changes have been made to the Visa Rules
Currently, a visa application can be submitted to the visa-issuing authorities by a foreigner in person, by mail, by courier, through a representative or service provider.
A new procedure for calculating state-regulated prices has been approved
Currently, Edict No. 72 establishes the closed list of goods (works, services), prices (tariffs) for which are regulated by the government. For example, some types of products, alcoholic beverages (strength over 28%), some types of medicines.
Export ban on a group of goods
From August 27, 2021, there is a temporary six-month ban on the export of certain types of goods. These products include cereals such as, for example, wheat, rye, corn, buckwheat, rapeseed.
GRATA International leads Kazakhstan rankings in Asialaw 2022 rankings
The recently published edition of asialaw 2022, the definitive guide to Asia's leading law firms and lawyers, released its recommendations and identified legal experts in practice areas and industry sectors across 23 jurisdictions in Asia-Pacific.
GRATA Mongolia held the webinar: Introduction of the Revised Labor Code of Mongolia
We are glad to invite you to our upcoming webinar which will be held on September 20, 2021. The main topic of the webinar will be on ‘Introduction of the Revised Labor Code of Mongolia’.