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In 2021, most of the local fees in Chisinau increased, some fees were introduced for the first time
The decision of the Chisinau Municipal Council on the approval and application of local taxes for 2021 was published on the website of the mayor's office. According to the document, from this year a fee for sanitary cleaning will be levied, it will amount to 10 lei per month from owners of residential real estate (houses, apartments). Children, pensioners and persons with disabilities are exempted from this fee.
The NCFM suspended the activities of 5 non-bank credit organizations
The Administrative Council of the National Commission on the Financial Market suspended for three years the activities of non-bank credit institutions Credit Market, Microcapital, E-Cash and Rosst-X on the basis of decisions of the general meetings of shareholders of these organizations, as well as non-bank credit organization Realty Capital - in accordance with the decision of the only associated person of this non-bank credit organization.
Услуги корпоративных юристов в области трудового права и споров в Беларуси
Услуги, предоставляемые юристами в области трудового права Grata International, включают весь перечень услуг, оказываемых в трудовом праве.
Once again GRATA International Kazakhstan became the best Mondaq Contributor
GRATA International became a Mondaq Contributor With Most Reader Response In Kazakhstan in December 2020.
Partner of GRATA International Uzbekistan Nodir Yuldashev gave an interview to the journal of the AIAC
On December 31, the journal of the Asian International Arbitration Center (Malaysia), dedicated to online opportunities for the development of arbitration in Asian countries, published an interview with the participation of Nodir Yuldashev, Partner of the GRATA International law firm in Uzbekistan.
Extension of special quarantine regime and the term of the distant education on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan
The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan has issued the Decisions to extend the special quarantine regime and the term of the distant education on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan until January 31, 2021. (Decision # 510 and #511 dated December 26, 2020)