The employment practice of GRATA International covers a full range of services in the area of labour law, including advice on topical issues of labour law, development of employment agreements and policies, support in HR records keeping, labour audit, complicated dismissals, etc.

Our employment attorneys are also well known by their success in labour disputes. We have dozens of won court cases, our Clients include the largest transnational corporations.

The expertise of our employment experts on the creation and implementation of employee stock ownership plans deserves special attention.

A significant part of our clients in the area of employment is represented by subsoil users, and we have accumulated extensive practical experience in important employment aspects of production activities such as rotation-based work, industrial injuries, negotiations with trade unions, etc.

Besides, we are pleased to offer you our services to optimise work processes in your company in the current economic crisis. Reasonable staff downsizing, payroll optimisation, changes in the employees' work function, remote work organisation, vacation management, prevention of labour conflicts and strikes - these are just some examples of how a company can adjust work processes and adapt them to the current economic situation. Using a custom-tailored approach, we will determine the optimisation methods that are best suited for your company.

What we do:

  • Advising on any issues а labour law, including recruiting, transfers, dismissals, labour remuneration, disciplinary penalties, labour health and safety, employees outsourcing, engagement of foreign labour, etc.
  • Development of templates for HR documentation, employer's acts governing labour relations (code of conduct, regulations on remuneration and bonuses, regulations on the use of employees' personal data, etc.).
  • Development of documentation required for employment:
    • an employment agreement for all working regimes (staff categories), including remote work, shift work, rotation-based work, employment agreements for company managers, foreign staff;
    • individual material liability agreements;
    • confidentiality undertaking;
    • non-compete agreement;
    • job descriptions;
    • employment order.
  • Development of a collective agreement, interaction with employees' representatives, government agencies during the development and registration of the agreement.
  • Legal support for changing the conditions of employment agreements (drafting all necessary documents for transfers, changing the working regime, changing salary amount, etc.).
  • Audit of HR records finalised in the report on the revealed violations, possible sanctions, and recommendations to eliminate the violations.
  • Legal due diligence of the labour aspects of the acquired company under M&A.
  • Transfer of employees under M&A.
  • Legal support for the employment termination on all grounds provided for by the Labour Code (drafting documents for dismissal, respective interaction with government agencies, employees, and their representatives).
  • Participation in internal investigations related to employees’ violations and other issues of labour relations.
  • Creation of a conciliation committee (drafting all necessary documents, training of the committee members).
  • Representation of an employer in the conciliation committee, court.
  • Representation of an employer in collective labour negotiations, disputes.
  • Representation of an employer in the investigation of industrial injuries.
  • Representation of an employer during state labour inspections.
  • Creation and implementation of employee stock ownership plans, as well as other incentive programs for employees.

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