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Монголд бизнес эрхлэх нь - 2022
Монгол улс байгалийн асар их нөөц, хөдөө аж ахуйн өргөн боломжтой төдийгүй Азийн томоохон зах зээлд ойрхон байдаг тул дунд болон урт хугацааны гадаадын шууд хөрөнгө оруулалт (ГШХО) оруулах таатай орчин болдог.
Enforcement Proceedings
The experience of different states, given in the brochure, will demonstrate the existence of not one, but several ways to overcome the slowness and inefficiency of execution in practice, and also that the possible solutions to the problem are varied, but they all ultimately are based on a delicate balance, along with other things, of the norms of executive the law and practice of their application, a high level of training and responsibility of various professionals involved in the implementation process, as well as the institutional and social systems in which these professionals are forced to carry out their activities.
Олон Улсын Санхүүгийн Гэмт Хэрэгтэй Тэмцэх Байгууллага /ФАТФ/-аас 2019 оны 10 дугаар сарын 18-ны өдөр Монгол Улсыг терроризмыг санхүүжүүлэх, мөнгө угаах явдлыг дэмжих таатай орон гэж үзэж хяналтын буюу “саарал жагсаалт”-д оруулснаа мэдэгдсэн.
Doing Business in Kazakhstan
The brochure provides you with the comprehensive information about the main forms of doing business in Kazakhstan, including a detailed comparison table of such forms, information on the tax structure, bankruptcy, PPP and frequently asked questions for starting and doing business in Kazakhstan.
Mediation condition in commercial lawsuits
With the Law published in the Official Gazette dated 19 December 2018 and numbered 30630, mediation was brought as a condition to file a lawsuit for commercial receivables. Within this scope, some provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code (“TCC”) and the Law on Mediation in Civil Disputes (“HUAK”) have been amended.
Enforcement of foreign arbitral awards by Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan
On 15 April 2019 Azerbaijan’s Constitutional Court (“CC”) adopted a decision on invalidation of the decision of the Supreme Court (“SC”) on refusal to recognise and enforce an arbitral award which was issued by the Korean Arbitration Council.
Mediation procedure in Mongolia
Mediation a method of alternative dispute resolution parties to any agreement should consider, aside from arbitration. Mediation is essentially a negotiation facilitated by a neutral third party.
Alternative Dispute resolution – Arbitration
Arbitration is the formal alternative to litigation resettlement. In this process, the disputing parties present their case to a neutral third party or arbitrator, who renders a decision. Arbitration is generally considered a more efficient process than court because it is quicker, less expensive, and provides greater flexibility of process and procedure.
Criminal liability of legal entities
On October 2, 2018, Milli Majlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Azerbaijan passed a Law on “Amendments to the Code of Execution of Sentences” (“Amendment Law”).
Administrative and criminal liability for a failure to remove information damaging business reputation in the Internet
Since April 23, 2018, the provisions of the Federal Law No. 229-ФЗ "On Enforcement Proceedings" dated October 2, 2007, regulate the procedure for enforcement of the requirement contained in the executive document to remove information distributed on the Internet that defames the honor, dignity or damages business reputation of a citizen or damages business reputation of a legal entity.
Statute of Limitation under Kazakh law: A Practitioner’s Perspective
Rules relating to statute of limitation contained in the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the “Civil Code”) may seem relatively straightforward.