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Guidelines for the selection of trade names of medicines and for manufacturing of finished dosage forms in the Eurasian Economic Union
The Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) approved on 29 January 2019 the Recommendations on the Guidelines for the Selection of Trade Names of Medicinal Products and the Guidelines for Manufacturing of Finished Dosage Forms of Medicinal Products in order to eliminate differences in the requirements for the manufacturing of finished dosage forms of medicines in Eurasian Member States Economic Union (EAEU).
Kyrgyzstan: Insurance Market Overview
Kyrgyz law identifies insurance activity as an activity of organisations that have a license to provide services to individuals and legal entities for premium services, the subject of which are contractual specific obligations of the insurer in the event of an unknown event, with the distribution of risk among a large number of persons exposed to such a risk, calculated on the basis of the principle calculation of large numbers.
Regulation on Unified State Register of Claims on Movable Property is adopted in Kyrgyzstan
Maintenance of Unified State Register of Claims on Movable Property is that the storage is in the electronic database, all registered rights of claims for the performance of obligations (under the contract) with respect to movable property, security and confidentiality of information held in the National Registry of Claims on Movable Property is provided by the Central Collateral Registration Office under the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Client note: Main changes in the customs law of Kazakhstan
The Decision No. 46 dated 11 May 2017 of the College of the Eurasian economic union introduced changes to the ‘Procedure of introduction of amendments and (or) additions to the declaration on goods’.
Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union
As of today, the Treaty on the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union (hereinafter – the ‘EAEU Customs Code’) is in process of signing. It is expected that the document will come into force not earlier than 29 December 2017.