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Kazakh privatisation: a fresh start
Although the Kazakhstan securities market is the most developed in Central Asia, its development has been slow compared to the country’s banking sector.
How to incorporate a company or representative office in Mongolia?
Despite the fact that Mongolian legislation provides for a wide range of legal forms of commercial entities (limited liability company or LLC, joint-stock company or JSC and joint venture), in practice, private businessmen and foreign investors mostly prefer LLC or JSC. Representative office of foreign legal entities is also common
Land Law of the Republic of Belarus
Land relations can be a crucial issue for foreign investors considering whether or not to start a business in a particular country. Let us provide you with a summary of land legislation of Belarus and the opportunities it offers for business.
Administration of Almaty has officially announced public tender for participation in Almaty Light Rail Transport (LRT) Project
On 29 August 2018, the Administration of Almaty (Almaty Mayor’s Office) has officially announced the public tender for participation in PPP project for development of design specification, construction, commissioning, financing, operation and technical maintenance of Almaty Light-Rail Transportation System (the “Project”).
Major Kazakhstan Legislation Changes for 2017
The Law on Amendments Intended to Improve Business Conditions(the “Business Improvement Law”) came into effect on 12 March 2017, except certain provisions.
The purpose of the Business Improvement Law is to further improve the investment climate in line with the general policy of the country to support local entrepreneurs and foreign investors.
Small and medium businesses development in Russia: legal updates
In July and August 2018, the Federal Laws were signed aimed to expand:
- measures of property support for small and medium businesses;
- criteria to qualify as small and medium business entities.