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The employer's obligation on labour safety and hygiene in Mongolia
Mongolia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world of mineral resources and has developed its own independent mining industry since 1990. The country has joined the implementation of European and international technical, environmental and occupational safety and health standards in the mining sector to improve its competitiveness in the public and private sector.
Standard collaterals in commercial lease agreements on polish market
Under a lease agreement, a landlord commits to hand over a thing for a tenant’s use for a fixed or non-fixed term and the tenant commits to pay the landlord the agreed rent. When the lease ends, the tenant is obliged to return the thing in a non-deteriorated condition; however, is not liable for normal wear and tear.The most common kind of the lease is a lease of premises – of an office, commercial or industrial space, as it enablesthe tenant to conduct business activity at the said premises without holding the ownershiptitle thereto. Over the years, specific types of collaterals to secure tenant’s obligations under lease agreements havefound their place in Polish legal and business practice. They are established to secure: payment of the fees due from the tenant under the lease agreement and performance ofnon-pecuniary obligations of the tenant under the lease agreement, including the obligation to return the leased premises after the end of the lease
Nobel Brothers' history in Azerbaijan
The first foreign company in Baku was founded by the Nobel brothers - Alfred, Ludvig and Robert. Few people know about the deep connection of the Nobel Prizes with Baku’s oil.  12 percent of the prize was said to be from Alfred's shares in the Nobel Brothers' Petroleum Company in Baku.
PPP Boom in Kazakhstan
As of 1 October 2019, 610 public-private partnerships agreements worth 1.5 billion tenge (about 3.8 million US dollars) have been executed in Kazakhstan. While PPP remains one of the areas of great interest to both Kazakhstani state authorities and prospective investors, it seems that the Government of Kazakhstan has decided to change its policy in relation to PPPs by shifting focus from quantity to quality of PPP projects to be implemented in Kazakhstan. 
State aid in the sector of renewable energy resources in Uzbekistan
Renewable energy resources (“RER”) are defined under Uzbek law as solar and wind power, geothermal and hydro power, as well as biomass energy.
General considerations regarding the jurisdiction of Austrian
Despite the fact that the political situation in Austria, in comparison with other countries of the Western world, is considered more favorable towards Russia, banks and other service providers have recently begun to treat Russian customers with increasing suspicion and skepticism. Therefore, doing business in Austria or using Austrian jurisdiction for capital management requires additional measures.