T h e   p r o v i s i o n   o n   t h e   p r o c e d u r e  
f o r   g r a n t i n g   s u b s i d i e s   f o r   t h e    
c o n s t r u c t i o n   o f   n e w   h o t e l s    
a p p r o v e d  

The provision on the procedure for granting subsidies for the construction of new hotels approved

The Government approved the Regulation on the allocation of subsidies from the State budget to compensate part of investors’ expenses for the construction and equipping of new hotels, as well as financing organizations on the basis of franchising agreements.

In accordance with the Regulations, the subsidy will be allocated to investors in the construction of a new hotel with a room fund of at least 50 rooms for the 3-star category and 100 rooms for the 4-star category.

The grant is allocated once and its size is:

  • 40 million soums for each room in hotels with a category of 3 stars;
  • 65 million soums for each hotel room with a category of 4 stars.

Entrepreneurs who have entered into an agreement on the use of brands of prestigious hotels will be funded annually for three years from the date the agreement enters into force at the expense of the State budget.

Financing organizations will be in the following sizes:

  • the first 50 hotels with a category of 3 stars
  • US$200 for each room;
  • the first 30 hotels with a category of 4 stars - US$400 for each room.

To obtain subsidies and financing an entrepreneur must contact the State Committee for Tourism Development.

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