The direction of economic development are defied until 2021

The direction of economic development are defied until 2021

The decree of the President of Uzbekistan "On additional measures to ensure the further development of the economy and improve the efficiency of economic policy" approved the "Road map" of the main directions of structural reforms of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the period of 2019-2021, developed with the participation of the World Bank and other international financial institutions.

The Economic Council for ensuring the implementation of the Road map has been formed, as well as an international expert group under the Economic Council, formed from among foreign experts engaged in the expert study of specific measures of the "road map of reforms". The road map provides for the preparation in 2019 of the concept of socio-economic development of the Republic until 2030, as well as strategies for reforming enterprises with a state share and the growth of the national digital economy.

In 2020, the Economic Council plans to approve strategies for the development of education and development of the water resources management and irrigation sector, as well as the concept of reforming the state pension system and further development of the financial industry.

Following the decree, the Council was also instructed to develop a road map for the liberalization of trade policy and exports. The document will provide for the revision of non-tariff barriers and distortions, bringing them in line with the norms of the world trade organisation, the text of the document says.

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