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Shakhrukh Usmanov spoke at the EAEU and CIS Pharmaceutical Forum 2019

On 26-28 February 2019, the 10th Anniversary EAEU and CIS Pharmaceutical Forum 2019 was held in Moscow, Russian Federation. The forum was supported by the Eurasian Economic Commission.

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The event provided an overview of the trends in the pharmaceutical markets of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Georgia.

Shakhrukh Usmanov, Partner, Head of the Industry and Trade and Pharmaceuticals and Health Departments, spoke at the Forum with a report: "Legislative restrictions on the promotion of medicines and medical devices in the Republic of Kazakhstan". 

Download presentation in Russian language. 


Contacts: Shakhrukh Usmanov
Almaty, Казакстан
Moscow, ОХУ
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