K R   S t a t e   C o m m i t t e e   f o r    
I n f o r m a t i o n   T e c h n o l o g i e s   a n d    
C o m m u n i c a t i o n s   s u m b i t s   a   d r a f t    
r e g u l a t o r y   l e g a l   a c t   o n   l i c e n s i n g    
a c t i v i t i e s   o n   t h e   u s e   o f   t h e   r a d i o    
f r e q u e n c y   s p e c t r u m   f o r   p u b l i c    
d i s c u s s i o n  

KR State Committee for Information Technologies and Communications 
Since May 27, 2019, the State Committee for Information Technologies and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic has submitted for public discussion a draft Government Regulation “On Amendments to the Regulation of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Approval of the Regulation on Licensing the Use of the Radio Frequency Spectrum” dated November 17, 2017 No. 754 ".
The purpose of this draft resolution is to establish the conditions for the redistribution of radio frequency bands for various kinds of technologies used in the radio frequency spectrum, as well as to bring the radio frequency bands allocated according to the specification based on the central GSM carrier channels to the integer widths of radio frequency bands and ensuring continuity of the radio frequency bands.
In addition, the draft resolution provides for the Licensor’s decisions to amend its decisions on issuing appropriate licenses for the use of the radio frequency spectrum when redistributing radio frequencies, and also when casting to integer actually occupied widths of radio frequencies.
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