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Монгол Улсын Үндэсний Статистикийн сүүлийн үеийн мэдээллээр Монгол Улсын эдийн засаг COVID-19 цар тахлын дэгдэлттэй холбоотойгоор 2020 оны эхний улирлын байдлаар 10,7 хувь агшаад байна. БНХАУ-ын эдийн засгийн удаашралын улмаас ашигт малтмалын түүхий эдийн эрэлт багассан нь Монгол Улсын нүүрс, зэсийн баяжмал, төмрийн хүдэр, цайрын баяжмал, газрын тосны экспорт буурч, эдийн засаг агшихад хүргэсэн байна. Үүний нөлөөгөөр төлбөрийн урсгал тэнцлийн алдагдал 2020 оны эхний улирлын урьдчилсан гүйцэтгэлээр 767.0 сая ам.доллар болж, өмнөх оны мөн үеэс 368.9 сая ам.доллараар өссөн байна.
The Dialogue between the West and the East - the China-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park
n 2010 the cooperation agreement on the establishment of the China-Belarus Industrial Park in the territory of the Republic of Belarus was signed between the Ministry of Economy of Belarus and the Chinese Engineering Corporation CAMC (CAMCE).
Mandatory labeling of commodities and system for monitoring circulation thereof in Russia
On 1 January 2019 amendments to the Federal Laws “On the Basics of State Regulation of Trading Activities in the Russian Federation” and “On the Use of Cash Registers when Making Settlements in the Russian Federation”, introduced by Federal Law No. 488 – FZ of 25.12.2018, came into force, providing for the creation of a state information system for monitoring the circulation of commodities subject to mandatory labeling by means of identification, and requirements to it.
New changes in the industrial park “Great Stone”
The changes prescribed by the decision of the Council of Ministers on 31 January 2018 came into force 10 February 2018.
What to expect from the amendments in land legislation?
On 29 November 2017 the deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved in the first reading draft law "On Amendments and Additions to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan Regarding Regulation of Land Relations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Draft Law"), developed following the work of the Commission on Land Reform.
Administrative liability of manufacturers, contractors and sellers in Russia: legal developments
On 30 July 2017, amendments to the Code of Administrative Violations of the Russian Federation introduced by the Federal Law No. 175-FZ dated 18 July 2017, came into force. The amendments establish special administrative liability for the failure of the manufacturer (contractor, seller, or a person acting as a foreign manufacturer) to take measures for harm prevention in case of circulation products that do not meet the requirements of technical regulations. 
Azerbaijan adopts legislation to promote high-growth in non-oil sector and expand export opportunities
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed a decree on “additional measures with regard to strengthening the position of the Republic of Azerbaijan as Digital Trade Hub and expansion of foreign trade transactions” on February 22, 2017.