• Preparation of a set of legal documentation on the financial responsibility of employees (a contract on full financial responsibility, a form of an order approving the list of positions and works filled or performed by employees, etc.), taking into account the specifics of the company for one of the world's leading manufacturers of pumping equipment for industrial, municipal and domestic water supply, heating and sanitation.
  • Risk analysis, preparation of an opinion, issuing recommendations on mass dismissal of employees in order to optimize the company's activities for one of the leading manufacturers of paint and varnish products in Belarus.
  • Development of regulations on the occupational health and safety management system, comprehensive adjustment of the form of an employment contract, internal policies on working hours and rest time, overtime, work on holidays, labor and social leaves, payments and the procedure of their calculation during the period of temporary disability and during the vacation to the requirements of the Belarusian legislation for a large company in the field of air transportation.
  • Due diligence of supply contracts, purchase and sale contracts, transport forwarding contracts, orders, mixed contracts, preparation of standard forms of purchase and sale contracts, guarantees for the realization of economic activities of companies..
  • Successful representation of the interests of employers in court disputes on the recovery of pecuniary loss from employees, the recovery of wages for the time of illegal suspension from work, on the establishment of the fact of labor relations.
  • Preparation of an algorithm and a package of necessary documents for the dismissal of an employee for absences from work without valid reasons for a construction company.
  • Development of a complete package of documents (application, order, labor contract, medical certificate) for hiring employees of an agricultural enterprise.
  • Preparation of an algorithm of actions and development of documents for a large production and engineering company on the issues of attracting employees seconded abroad to be held responsible for not arriving at the place of the secondment.
  • Preparation of an opinion on the use of an official car (instrument control of driver, pre-trip technical inspection of the car, filling out a waybill) by a representative office of a foreign organization (Russian Federation).
  • Preparation of a package of documents for the extension of the employment contract with the director of the organization for the promotion of employment of Belarusian citizens abroad.
  • Consulting on the issues of suspension of employees from work due to failure to pass medical examinations and the development of the necessary documents for the suspension procedure for a public catering company.
Minsk, Беларусь