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Uzbek government continues its strive to transform country's legislation and make Uzbekistan more open to foreign investment and international trade.  With the addition modern-thinking specialists to the management in the state authorities, alongside with radical legislative improvements in legislation, directed to full-scale liberalisation, increasing trade turnover and development of local industry, attracting foreign investors, full transfer to market economy and overcoming such obstacles as corruption, restrictions for payment on current international transactions, tariff and nontariff barriers, the prospects of Uzbekistan are becoming increasingly more attractive for global businesses. 

Lawyers of  GRATA International in Tashkent have prepared an overview of major legislative changes and market opportunities in Uzbekistan in 2018. This overview includes:

- Changes in visa-regime 

- Aniticaped legislation changes in 2018, including law on PPPs

- Reforming state bodies 

- Reforms in financial system 

- Legal reforms 

- Innovative development initiatives

- Industrial development in Uzbekistan

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