Regulations on Performance of Services of Sale, Transfer and Registration of Vehicles

The sale and transfer transactions which are made without notaries will become invalid.

The sale, transfer and all registry processes, which is or will be registered by the notary, will be registered into the Record and Registry System of Vehicles (ARTES) within the Union of Turkish Public Notaries.

The documents related to the Records of the vehicle will be confidential.

The notaries who are responsible for recording the sale, transfer and all registry processes of the vehicles will certify the registry documents and number plates.

In situations determined by the Union of Turkish Public Notaries, the notaries will draft the temporary documents for the registry of the vehicles and other required documents.

Notaries will record in or remove from ARTES, the technical or juridical changes, or restrictive annotations such as distrain, pawn, preliminary injunction,

The records and the documents forming a basis for the records will be confidential. These records and documents will not be seen or investigated by anyone but those who are authorized or responsible, and those who are empowered for inspection or supervision, however the courts and public prosecution offices are not subjected to this judgment.

Notaries will keep all the registries of any data or changes related to the vehicle records for at least ten years.

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