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Сentral Bank of Russia established the threshold values for interested party transactions
On 13 May 2017, the Direction of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 4335-U dated 31 March 2017 came into force that establishes the threshold values for transactions of joint stock companies and limited liability companies, in the event of excess of which the transactions the price or book value of the property being the subject matter of which does not exceed 0.1% of the book value of the companies' assets may be deemed interested party transactions. 
Kazakhstan and the Belt and Road
Kazakhstan has high ambitions in the China’s Belt and Road initiative, as it is geographically an ideal junction between China and the West and its interest in the Belt and Road is indisputable, with the Kazakh government already involved in Nurly Zhol (the Path of Light), a US$9 billion domestic economic stimulus plan to develop and modernize roads, railways, etc.
Regulation of online movie services and other audio-visual services in Russia
On 1 May 2017, the Federal Law No. 87-FZ was signed amending  the Federal Law 'On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection', the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations and some other regulatory legal acts that establish requirements for owners of audio-visual services, including online movie services in Russia, liability for violation thereof, and powers of the Federal Service for Supervision in the area of Communication, Information Technology and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor) in this respect.
Common market of medicines in the Eurasian Economic Union: launching
The decisions of the Eurasian Economic Union Commission (EEC) came into effect on 26 April 2017, in particular, those approving the Nomenclature of Dosage Forms, Rules for Maintaining the Nomenclature of Medical Products, Rules for Determining the Category of Medicines Sold with and without a Prescription, and Rules for Monitoring the Safety, Quality and Efficiency of Medical Products.
Shaimerden Chikanayev, a Partner at GRATA International Law Firm, took part in the meeting workshop titled 'Implementation of PPP projects in Almaty
Shaimerden Chikanayev, a Partner at GRATA International Law Firm, took part in the meeting workshop titled 'Implementation of PPP projects in Almaty'. The workshop was also attended by Akim of Almaty city, deputies of Akim of Almaty city, officers and heads of Akimat departments, NC SEC 'Almaty' JSC, Almaty City Development Centre JSC, and Kazakhstan PPP Centre JSC.
The Technology, Media & Telecommunications Review 2017: Kazakhstan
GRATA International Kazakhstan contributed to the The Law Review legal guide series - The Technology, Media & Telecommunications Review 2017 with the chapter on Kazakhstan.