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On The Practice Of Application By The Courts Of The Legislation On Responsibility For Tax Crimes
The Resolution includes issues of the effect of acts of legislation on taxes and fees over time, the subject composition of tax crimes, the procedure for calculating large or especially large amounts of tax evasion, fees, insurance premiums, duties and responsibilities of tax agents, which evidence confirms the presence or absence of evidence of elements of tax crimes, etc.
Novelties in Goods Labelling with Means of Identification in the EAEU
As you may know, the Agreement for Labelling Goods with Means of Identification in the Eurasian Economic Union (hereinafter - the 'Agreement') entered into force. Pursuant to the Agreement, an obligatory labelling of goods with machine-readable and mutually readable marks in the territory of the Union is introduced in the EAEU countries.
Islamic Finance challenges in Turkey
Having almost 40 years of history, the Islamic banking sector in Turkey currently only has a 5–6% share of the fi nance market in the country. Out of 40 active banks, six are operating (excluding investment and development banks) under the Participation Banks Association of Turkey (TKBB) as Islamic banks and they have not yet reached the average level of their conventional competitors in terms of profi ts, total assets, deposits and loans.
Review of Precedents in Appealing against Decisions of Customs Authorities
Disputes between importers and customs authorities are complex cases. The implementation of electronic declaring and a risk management control system, as well as a change in the approach of customs control led to an increase in customs audits of participants of foreign economic activity, and, consequently, to an increase in the number of customs disputes.
Organizational Confidentiality in Mongolia
Legal environment of Mongolia on Organizational confidentiality: Where the legal confidentiality environment is well established in a fairly competitive marketplace, business organizations are crucial in helping to build their own strengths, characteristics and colors.