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New EAEU Decisions Adopted in Connection with the Distribution of COVID-19
On 27 March 2020 the Eurasian Economic College and Council adopted the decisions in connection with the distribution of COVID-19
Risks associated with failure to comply with measures taken to combat the epidemic in the Russian Federation
February and March of the calendar year are the months in which a large number of
people plan their dream vacations. However, the coronavirus infection, that has seized
the world in 2020, and the mainstream panic made the actions and behaviour of people
still planning to travel abroad during this dangerous period highly uncertain.
Pandemic, taxes and bankruptcy in Russia. What to expect and what to get ready for?
The rapid spread of the new COVID-19 virus on the planet makes the government develop measures not only to combat the spread of its manifestations in the sanitary and epidemiological area but also prevent its negative impact on the economic and social aspects in the society.
Provisional measures and decisions of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic in connection with the spread of COVID-19
COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the associated restrictions and economic consequences of the fight against the virus, set new tasks for the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic (the “NBKR”). In this connection, the regulator took a number of measures aimed at maintaining stability in the banking system of the Kyrgyz Republic and protecting the rights of consumers of banking services.
Measures to support taxpayers in a view of imposing the state of emergency in Kazakhstan
In addition to the previous review please be informed that on 21 March 2020 was published the Decree of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 20 March 2020 No.126 «On measures to implement the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 16, 2020 No. 287»
Coronavirus, economic crisis and labour relations in Russia. What to expect and why to be afraid?
The afore-mentioned global threats as well as the devaluation of the national currency have raised a number of questions for the employers of the Russian Federation that require an immediate response and decisive action.