Clarifications of Roskomnadzor on personal data processing and databases localisation in Russia

Clarifications of the Ministry of telecom and mass communications of the Russian Federation and the federal supervision agency for information technologies and communications on personal data processing and databases localisation in Russia

The following documents have been published on the web-portal of the Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications ('Roskomnadzor') focusing on the issues of personal data protection:     

- Clarifications on the issues related to processing of personal data of employees, applicants for vacancies, as well as persons included in the employees pool, issued by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and Roskomnadzor;

- Commentaries to the Federal Law No. 242-FZ dated 21 July 2014 'On the Introduction of Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in terms of Clarification of the Procedure for Personal Data Processing in the Information and Telecommunication Networks'.

An overview of the most important provisions of the above documents is provided in this alert, in particular, regarding localisation of personal data bases in Russia and blocking access to Internet resources violating the requirements of Russian laws on personal data. 

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