Optimization of the company’s business processes, aimed at reducing unreasonable expenses

A developer and manufacturer of high-temperature fibrous materials technologies turned to the Law Firm “Legal Studio” LLC with a request to provide a range of legal services, the ultimate goal of which was to optimize organizational and business processes in a company aimed at reducing unreasonable expenses. Lawyers of Law Firm “Legal Studio” LLC conducted a detailed analysis of the organization of personnel work, accounting, organization of workflow and organization and maintenance of business processes, developed a whole block of recommendations and proposals for making changes to the organization’s work, which allowed to revise the entire structure of the entity, the procedure for organizing the work of its structural divisions, the personnel policy of the company, as well as the procedure for organizing and conducting business processes. As a result, the company significantly reduced the tax burden, which hung on prior to turning to the Law Firm “Legal Studio” LLC, significantly increased production speed and product quality and took a leading place among the manufacturers of melting forms.

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