Legal Studio lawyers defended theinterests of the general contractor of the Zenit Arena football stadium

A well-known construction company from St. Petersburg turned to the Law Firm “Legal Studio” LLC with a request for legal assistance in conducting a tax audit for the period of its activities for 2013-2015 during the construction of one of the most significant facilities in St. Petersburg. The situation was complicated by the fact that by the time of  application for legal assistance, the client already had an act of a onsite tax audit, according to which significant violations were identified in the Company’s activities, and the amount of additional charges of taxes and penalties amounted to about 200 million rubles. Legal Studio’s team had a month to evaluate the prospects of a dispute with the tax authority, prepare the position, as well as the evidence base and submit them to the tax authority. While carrying out  the defence of the client’s interests, the team of lawyers and auditors of Legal Studio developed a strategy, the implementation of which provided solid evidence that refuted the findings of the tax inspectorate, which had not been presented during the audit, but could and ultimately did influence the conclusion made by the tax authority, as well as a rationale was prepared for the impossibility of presenting this evidence during the period of the audit, which was taken into account by the tax authority.


As a result, the total amount of additional payments was reduced by more than 5 times!

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