Providing legal support to one of the oldest ceramics’ manufacturers in St. Petersburg in a tax dispute

In the dispute between “LomonosovskayaKeramika” LLC and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia No. 8 for the Leningrad Region on invalidation of the decision on the additional assessment of the value-added tax and the imposition of tax liability under Clause 1, Article. 122 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, during the trial, lawyers of the Law Firm Legal Studio were able to provide convincing evidence that the Inspectorate’s conclusion that the applicant had received unjustified tax benefit during interactions with counterparties was not documented and refuted by the case materials, accordingly the judgement of MIFNS was invalidated. This decision was also upheld by the court of appeal.


Әрқашан соңғы ақпаратты алу үшін жаңалықтар таратылымымызға жазылыңыз.: