Uzbekistan is included in the rating of the Competitive Industrial Performance Index for the first time

For the first time, Uzbekistan has been included in the rating of the Competitive Industrial Performance Index (the “CIP Index”) calculated by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. CIP Index ranks and evaluates the country's ability to produce and export manufacturing goods at a competitive level. Uzbekistan ranked 92nd out of 152 countries listed in CIP Index.

The country’s ranking in the CIP Index reflects the country’s performance in three areas in the manufacturing industry:

  • capacity to produce and export manufactured goods;
  • the extent of technological advancement;
  • impact on the world market.

Moreover, it should be noted that CIP Index indicators are part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to create sustainable infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and stimulation innovation.

The inclusion of Uzbekistan in the CIP Index serves as a benchmark for determining and compare the efficiency and competitiveness of the manufacturing industry of partner countries. Additionally, the CIP Index provides the government with an independent assessment to determine the state of the country's manufacturing industry, the indicators of which can be applied to identify and eliminate insufficient practices in the industry.

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