Ummi Jalilova participated in the IR Annuall conference meeting

Partner and Director of GRATA Azerbaijan Ummi Jalilova participated in the IR Annuall conference meeting.

Some issues such as real estate, accountancy, M&A (cultural deference), Commercial – including tax, IP and disputes, employments, practise management, insolvency and etc were discussed on the conference.

Commercial (including tax, IP and disputes) session was hosted by committee members, the session will begin with attendees split into by practise area to discuss an interesting case they have worked on this calendar year. The second half of the session will be followed by a case study.

Employment session was hosted by committee members the first session discussion is ‘Gig’ economy update: an explanation of employment status in your jurisdiction. Misuse of NDA’s in settlement agreements particularly relating to #metoo issues. The second part of the session discussion is the misuse of social media outside of the workplace and its impact on employers/employees.

The Practice Management session was on legal software. This was an opportunity to Share experiences with different platforms which could create new ways of thinking and how different software can add value to the members firm.

Corporate service session began with a presentation from the committee -Effective promotion of corporate services. Attendees discussed difference in jurisdictions about company formation requirements (i,e residency of directors).

Байланыстар: Умми Джалилова
Орналасқан орны:
Baku, Әзірбайжан
Әрқашан соңғы ақпаратты алу үшін жаңалықтар таратылымымызға жазылыңыз.: