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Natalia Zhuk, Senior Lawyer of GRATA International, Belarus took part in the conference" LEGALWEEK. FOREIGN ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES - 2020 "
Natalia Zhuk, Senior Lawyer, Head of Foreign Economic Practice of GRATA International, Belarus took part as an expert in a round table on the topic “Limits of liability and guilt of declarants and customs representatives in the commission of offenses.
The new size of the basic unit
Since January 1, 2021, the size of the basic unit has increased in Belarus - 29 rubles. (approximately 9.2 euros). Previously, it was 27 rubles. (approximately 8.7 euros). The size of the basic unit determines the size of administrative fines, the amount of fees for the performance of an administrative procedure, state fees in courts, etc.
New Tax Code – repeal of benefits, a new tax, and adjustments to the provisions taking into account the practice of application
On January 1, 2021, a new version of the Tax Code began to operate in Belarus. Its main changes are as follows.
Law "On Advertising" - new requirements
From July 8, 2021, amendments to the Law "On Advertising" will come into force. The changes contain several innovations. We bring some of them to your attention.
Since January 1, in Moldova, cash payments between enterprises are allowed only within the limits of 100 thousand lei per month
At the same time, the size of one transaction between economic entities cannot exceed 10 thousand lei. The corresponding changes in the legislation came into force on January 1, 2021. To enterprises, institutions and organizations, regardless of their type of ownership and legal form, making payments for their financial obligations in cash, including through a cash payment terminal (cash-in terminal), in an amount exceeding the monthly limit of 100 thousand lei, sanctions will be applied.
In 2021, most of the local fees in Chisinau increased, some fees were introduced for the first time
The decision of the Chisinau Municipal Council on the approval and application of local taxes for 2021 was published on the website of the mayor's office. According to the document, from this year a fee for sanitary cleaning will be levied, it will amount to 10 lei per month from owners of residential real estate (houses, apartments). Children, pensioners and persons with disabilities are exempted from this fee.