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i n   t h e   G e n e r a l   A s s e m b l y   f o r   m e m b e r s   o f   t h e   C h a m b e r    
o f   C o m m e r c e   a n d   I n d u s t r y   F r a n c e - K a z a k h s t a n  

On January 23, 2020, the annual meeting of the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry  France-Kazakhstan was held at the Sorbonne Kazakhstan Institute based on the results of the Chamber's activities for 2019 year.

Mr. Aidar Sarymsakov, senior Partner of "GRATA" law Firm, made a speech and summarized the results of the firm's work in the framework of the Chamber's activities. "GRATA" law Firm, as the organizer of the Working Group on legal issues of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, held four meetings of the Working Group on actual legal issues. Members of the Chamber left good reviews on the activities of the Working Group, aimed at its further work and discussion of interesting topics. In addition to meetings on law enforcement practice, the Working Group is an effective platform for dialogue between members of the Chamber and state structures of Kazakhstan.

Mr. Aidar Sarymsakov was also elected as a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry  France-Kazakhstan.

Байланыстар: Aidar Sarymsakov
Орналасқан орны:
Almaty, Қазақстан
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