GRATA International took part in seminar "Practical course on the application of the Environmental Code and preparation planned legislative changes"

The purpose of the seminar is to improve knowledge and increase the professionalism of students in the field of environmental legislation and be able to apply the acquired knowledge in their work. The seminar was held in common with the Ministry of ecology, geology and natural resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Leila Makhmetova, Counsel, Head of Environmental Law Department of GRATA International took part as a speaker, and Liya Akzhanova, Partner in Nur-Sultan, participated as a delegate.

Among the participants were representatives of construction companies, oil production, mining equipment, explosives production, and blasting for mining, heat and electricity, gold mining company, uranium mining.

Лия Акжанова
Байланыстар: Лия Акжанова
Лауазымы: Партнер, Заместитель директора филиала GRATA в г. Астана, Директор регионального развития
Орналасқан орны:
Кокшетау, Қазақстан
Taldykorgan, Қазақстан
Ust-Kamenogorsk, Қазақстан
Kostanay, Қазақстан
Астана, Қазақстан
Leila Makhmetova
Байланыстар: Leila Makhmetova
Лауазымы: Partner, Director of Environmental Law Department
Орналасқан орны:
Алматы, Қазақстан
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