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GRATA International held a customs control seminar for the firm’s clients.
June 14, 2019, GRATA International in Nur-Sultan held a seminar on customs control for the firm’s clients. The speaker was Kamila Urazalina, Senior Lawyer of the Tax and Customs Law Department of GRATA International Law Firm.
The following issues and problems of customs control were discussed at the seminar: changes in the limitation periods; criteria for determining the subjects of verification; discussed the practice of applying a risk management system, etc.
The workshop participants received practical advice on the procedure for and the appointment of customs checks. Various tools were considered to minimize the risks of additional charges of customs duties and taxes during the audit.
Seminar participants: Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering LLP, ChinaRailwayAsia-EuropeConstructionInvestmentCo.Ltd LLC branch in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Rominserv company, Metal-Fach LLP, SFT Kazakhstan Company, KTZh-Freight Transportation JSC, UNION LOGISTICS LLP, BI Group, KOMEK MACHINERY Kazakhstan LLP, Rokos Group Global LLP, OASIS ENGINEERING GROUP LLP, Elektrovoz KrastyruZauyty LLP.
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