GRATA International in Nur Sultan has provided free legal consultation

From July 7 - July 10, 2020, GRATA International in Nur Sultan took part in the AIFC Law Pro Bono as a consultant organized by the International Financial Center “Astana” in online format.

Liya Akzhanova, Partner, Regional Development Director and Ainura Takeyeva, Counsel of GRATA International in Nur-Sultan represented the company.

During the pro bono session, clients received free legal advice, during which they made recommendations on issues related to the AIFC jurisdiction and its unique legal base.

Liya Akzhanova
Байланыстар: Liya Akzhanova
Лауазымы: Partner, Deputy Head of GRATA in Nur-Sultan, Director of regional development
Орналасқан орны:
Nur-Sultan, Қазақстан
Kokshetau, Қазақстан
Taldykorgan, Қазақстан
Ust-Kamenogorsk, Қазақстан
Kostanay, Қазақстан
Ainura Takeyeva
Байланыстар: Ainura Takeyeva
Лауазымы: Counsel
Орналасқан орны:
Nur-Sultan, Қазақстан
Petropavlovsk, Қазақстан
Uralsk, Қазақстан
Kokshetau, Қазақстан
Temirtau, Қазақстан
Aktau, Қазақстан
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