The government has approved a new Law on Ambient Air Quality

The document provides for a new concept for the creation of the National System for Integrated Monitoring and Air Quality Management throughout Moldova and introduces new principles for air quality management. In particular, it is planned to delimit the country's territories into zones according to the criteria for assessing air quality. According to GIZ experts, in total, the construction of an air quality monitoring system for the entire territory of the country according to international / European standards will cost about 3.4 million euros.

In total, it is planned to purchase and install 18 automatic monitoring stations and 1 mobile station, which will require 915 thousand euros. The cost of the analyzers supporting the operation of the stations and the measurement is 1.940 million euros. The reference laboratory costs around € 195,000 and the equipment maintenance and servicing costs € 25,000. A monitoring center with ICT (information and communication technology) equipment (hardware and software) will cost 300 thousand euros (± 50%).

The Law on Ambient Air Quality, approved by the government, defines: basic conditions for the creation of the National Air Quality Monitoring Network; classification of air quality monitoring sites; criteria for the location of monitoring stations; criteria for determining the minimum number of sampling points depending on the pollutants; limit values ​​for air pollution to maintain human health.

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