Amendments in the procedure for public procurement in the construction sector of Uzbekistan

Within the framework of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On measures to improve the procedure for organizing and conducting electronic public procurement in the construction sector” No.55 dated February 5, 2021, a new public procurement system has been introduced. In particular, there are provided the following conditions:

  • the submission of the general and technical parts of the tender documentation is not required for conducting an electronic tender;
  • full examination of tender documents and technical specifications is carried out to assess the volume of goods (works, services) and their price parameters;
  • parties whose volume of financial obligations for the current year is more than 1.5 times higher than the largest volume fulfilled by construction and contracting organizations in 1 year of the last three-year period are not allowed to participate in the tender;
  • leave the funds saved as a result of the tender for the use of the contractor, without damage to the quality and volume in relation to the cost specified in the contract.

Please note that government customers are required to conduct construction tenders online through the operators of the information portal.

Moreover, the Resolution defines the procedure for organizing and conducting procurement of electronic government in the construction sector.

The tender procedure includes the following:

  • making a decision to conduct a tender;
  • approving the composition of the procurement commission;
  • the organizer of the tender holds a tender;
  • proposals from applicants are accepted and taken into account;
  • a report is generated based on the calculated results;
  • an electronic declaration is announced on the portal;
  • an agreement is concluded with the winner of the tender.
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