A conference on “Enhanced Integration for Prosperity in Central Asia” was held in Nur-Sultan

On November 27-29, a Conference, dedicated to the EU regional programs on trade support, the rule of law, investment and growth in Central Asia, was held at the Rixos Hotel in Nur-Sultan.

The purpose of the event was to consider the problems listed in the strategy and to discuss specific measures that would enable the governments of Central Asia, the EU and its partners, as well as private sector entities to bring the strategy to life together.

Shakhrukh Usmanov, the partner of the GRATA International law firm took part in the Conference.

The event were also attended dignitaries of the Central Asian government, the European Union representatives, including representative offices in Central Asian countries, the embassies of the EU countries in Kazakhstan and relevant development partners, including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and UN agencies.

Байланыстар: Shakhrukh Usmanov
Орналасқан орны:
Алматы, Қазақстан
Москва, Ресей
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