• Assisting an English freight forwarding company with debt recovery and following enforcement proceedings;
  • Representing a Russian private bank in insolvency proceedings for invalidation of several transactions made with client in bankruptcy;
  • Representing several individuals in debt recovery proceedings in amount of EUR 600K;
  • Representing a landlord in case for recovery of damages from a fire accident caused by tenants. Total damage to  equipment and further assets was valued at EUR 1 mln;
  • Representing a German investor in case of hostile takeover of his business in Moscow and ensuring restoration of corporate control to prevent  embezzlement of company’s assets;
  • Representing an international marine carrier in disputes with the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia on violation antitrust legislation and administrative penalty (turnover fine);
  • Representing a Kazakh bank in court disputes with bonds issued by the bank’s Russian affiliate;
  • Representing a Russian nuclear energy supplier in defamation claim against American competitor and Ukrainian media;
  • Representing Sberbank in loan disputes and debt recovery of RUB 4 bln. with Russian key metal and mining company in several regions of Russia simultaneously;
  • Representing Sberbank in several court proceedings for recovery under Facility agreement provided to a group of obligors. Coordination of legal activities in Russian and foreign courts;
  • Advising shareholders of an insurance company during corporate dispute;
  • Representing Transneft in disputes with leasing companies over cancellation of leasing agreements, reimbursement of losses and return of the leased items;
  • Representing a limited liability company in disputes with former participants over restoration (recognition) of rights to a stake in the charter capital;
  • Representing a major telecommunication company in a corporate conflict with a Russian telecom operator;
  • Advising holders of loan participation notes in recovery of investments in baby food manufacturing business.     
Senior Associate
Москва, Ресей