Grow your business with GRATA International

«GRATA International was formed during the period of significant political and economic changes that took place in the early 1990s. It was a new law firm for the new world. The global economy has grown over the past 30 years through the trade and integration between countries, and business is now not limited to the country of its presence. Taking into account, GRATA International opened its offices by partnering with the best law firms in various jurisdictions in its region. GRATA International is based on the principles of mutual understanding, cooperation and high common standards that are applied by each of its offices, being a reliable business partner and legal consultant in all jurisdictions, from Eastern Europe to the Far East. In any deal, GRATA International applies its generally recognized know-how, legal expertise and intellectual resources of all offices in order to fully focus on achieving a successful result for its clients».
GRATA International Association
GRATA International Association is a global network of independent law firms from around the world, founded in Zug (Switzerland) on March 23, 2018. The association operates according to the «Swiss Verein» model used by international best practices. All members of the International Association of GRATA work under the status of an associated or integrated office.

GRATA International provides customers with access to an entire network of offices with a professional team, extensive legal experience and fundamental knowledge of the business environment in each country of its presence, providing a reliable basis for clients to receive quality services.

The Chairman of the Association is Mr. Andrew Gamble, Executive Director is Mr. Dimitry Papadopoulos.
Key advantages of Joining the GRATA International Association
- obtaining the status of the office of an international Association;
- the right to use a single brand;
- getting the platform and system;
- the ability to provide legal services in other countries without the cost of opening and maintaining an office;
- the acquisition of new friends and partners;
- expanding the base of potential customers;
- global marketing;
- experience exchange;
- support from the Integration Center.
If you would like to join the GRATA International Association, please fill in the form and we will get in contact
Executive Director
Head of Integration Centre
Igor Popa, Senior Partner, Popa & Associates
Dmitriy Viltovskiy, Partner, GRATA International
Igor Stepanov, Managing Partner of Law Office GRATA International Rostov-on-Don.
Igor Popa, Senior Partner, Popa & Associates
“The association with GRATA International is a decision which we are sure is going to deliver great results. GRATA International is currently offering the opportunity for our clients to have free access in countries that belong to the Euroasia, such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan or Russia. The standards applied by this international law firm will help us to improve our efficiency and deliver the best quality services to our clients, and shall give them access to new markets through a local partner from Moldova”.
Dmitriy Viltovskiy, Partner, GRATA International
«To achieve a new stage in our development we’ve decided to join efforts with our strategic partner GRATA International. The key features to unity with our partners are shared ethics & values and a desire to provide outstanding service to the highest standards within the international network.
Establishment of integrated office in Belarus will open for us new prospects for realization of our full potential, while our clients will benefit from access to a large team of professional lawyers worldwide.

Welcome to Belarus!»
Igor Stepanov, Managing Partner of Law Office GRATA International Rostov-on-Don.
“I am very pleased with the pace of our integration with GRATA International. It was clear right from the beginning that this union will allow us to create a strong team of professionals and provide legal services to clients worldwide. We begin a new stage of development, now we are GRATA International Rostov-on-Don”.