• Settlement of disputes in the area of corporate law to challenge the decisions of the governing bodies of JSCs and LLPs, challenge transactions, etc.;
  • Consideration of an environmental dispute on compensation for the environmental damage caused by subsoil users and other environmental regulation subjects;
  • Addressing the case on the demolition of buildings under the claims of local executive authorities and the prosecutor's office and the seizure of undeveloped and squatter land plots in favour of the state land fund;
  • Collection of debts worth billions of tenge, appointment of forensic-construction, merchandising, forensic-economic, forensic-technical and other inspections, sending letters of request to the competent courts of foreign states, recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions;
  • Challenging notices of additional charge of taxes and obligatory payments to the budget. Making decisions for the benefit of both the state and a taxpayer (applicant), some of them were thoroughly discussed in the media and social networks;
  • Administration of cases for bankruptcy and rehabilitation, including accelerated rehabilitation, restoration, and liquidation procedure.
Almaty, Kazakhstan