How to register a trademark in the Republic of Moldova?
The State Agency on Intellectual Property (hereinafter AGEPI) is the national office in the field of intellectual property protection and the only authority that, on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, ensures the protection of trademarks under the conditions of Law no. 38 of 29.02.2008 on the protection of trademarks (hereinafter Law no. 38/2008).
Rail transport in the Republic of Moldova
The main law for conducting railway carriage service is the Railway Transport Code of the Republic of Moldova. The current Railway Transport Code of the Republic of Moldova is in effect until 18/02/2024. On 18/02/2024 the current code will be repealed and at the same time the new railway transport code of the Republic of Moldova will enter into force
Tax system in the Republic of Moldova
The Republic of Moldova has a very attractive tax system compared to many European Union countries. The Tax Code of the Republic of Moldova provides that legal entities pay Corporate Income Tax in the amount of 12% of taxable income (general taxation system).
Gambling sector in the republic of Moldova
The Moldovan gambling sector is regulated by the Law no. 291 of 16.12.2016 regarding the organization and conduct of gambling hereinafter Law no. 291/2016). It establishes the way of organizing and carrying out activities in the field of gambling, the rights and obligations of the game organizer and the player, the state policy in the respective field, as well as the restrictions on the development of this activity to protect the morality, rights and legitimate interests of citizens.
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