T o m a s z   G r a b a r e k  

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw, and the Center for American Law Studies (Levin’s College University of Florida). A legal adviser and a member of the Circuit Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw.
He has acquired his professional experience in the financial sector where he headed the Legal Department in one of French bank, as well as in the Energy sector where he advised to one of the biggest companies operating in the mining and fuel industry in Poland.
He specialises in banking law, insurance law, energy law and providing comprehensive legal services in the area of processes of searching for and mining hydrocarbons. He has provided advisory services in several banking and insurance projects which included, in particular, insurance projects for the biggest investment processes in power engineering industry and co-operation and negotiations with insurance brokers operating on the London market.
He has participated in negotiations and acquisition of insurance coverage for Polish entities dealing with search for and exploitation of conventional deposits of gas and shale gas. He has represented and advised to an international operator on the mining market in the process of organisation and implementation of oil and natural gas exploration drills in the Baltic Sea (offshore).

Managing partner
Warsaw, Poland