• Active involvement in legal proceedings in civil national courts of EU, handling of number of cases before the European Court of Human Rights.
  • Ability to assess trends in the development of the stock market operations and provision of legal support.
  • Experience in developing from "zero" level through to organization by way of receivership of corporations with financial problems, and pending litigation procedures against them.
  • Several years proven expertise in dealing with various corporate structures; consulting and operational support for the different needs of clients.
  • Compliance with legal requirements for professional activities with various banking and financial institutions.
  • Legal advice, and organizing of corporate structures, securing finance and conducting negotiations for problem-solving in crisis periods.
  • Author of a number of publications in the Cyprus Bar Association monthly journal on Cyprus Corporate Taxation and VAT application in the services sector.
  • Published Articles on parallel and permanent registration of ships, and smaller vessels in the Official Business Journal of the Cyprus Merchant Shipping Department.
  • Actively involved and acted as legal advisor and representative for the listing of a number of Cyprus companies in the Cyprus Stock Exchange and a Cyprus Holding company of international ownership in the London Stock Exchange.
  • Representative in Litigation procedures the three major Cyprus Banks, Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd, Alpha Bank (Cyprus) Limited and Piraeus Bank (Cyprus) Limited and the Cooperative Savings Banks of Limassol.
  • Acted as Chairman in Arbitration Procedures for Admiralty Matters and claims of large International Shipping Companies, in Cyprus, London and Zurich.
  • Acted as legal advisor representing the parties involved in a number of M&A such Acquisition of Factories in Ukraine for the amounts of about EUR 35.000.000.
  • Acted as legal advisor in representing the borrowing party in major banking operations on behalf of borrower a public limited company in relation to the Loan facility by a very popular Bank in UK for the amount of USD 600,000,000. Also, on behalf of Borrower in relation to Loan Facility of up to USD 600,000,000 with a very well reputable bank in London and a highly known bank in Russia. Provided legal consultation for the one-year Loan Facility provision of very large Investments Public Company for a Facility of up to EUR 30.000.000.
Managing Partner of Nasos A. Kyriakides & Partners LLC
Limassol, Cyprus