Maria Klimenkova

Maria Klimenkova
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Maria Klimenkova


Saint Petersburg, Russia


  • Support of corporate activities of the regional operator of the GLONASS information and navigation system.
  • Corporate support for a large enterprise of the glass industry.
  • Full corporate support of the guaranteeing supplying organization in the sphere of water supply, wastewater disposal and heat supply.
  • Preparation of the package of documents for the acquisition of shares in a joint stock company in Finland for a Russian investor.
  • Development and implementation of reorganization within the group of companies in the glass industry.
  • Support of the investment project for the reconstruction and launch of an industrial enterprise in the Tver region, Russia.


  • Successfully representing the interests of the industrial enterprise in the tax authorities.
  • Drafting of interaction schemes for a group of industrial enterprises in order to optimize the tax burden in the reconstruction of the property complex in the Tver region, Russia.
  • Successfully representing the interests of resource-supplying organizations in the tax authorities.
  • Preparation of legal opinions on taxation issues in Finland, Switzerland, and Germany for Russian investors.
  • Successfully representing of the interests a major machine building company in the tax authorities during an on-site tax audit. The amount of initial additional tax assessments was over 150,000,000 rubles.


  • Successfully representing the interests of the company in developing a CRM- system in the field of health care in the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.
  • Successful defense of the interests of the top manager in the court of appeal and cassation on the issue of bringing to subsidiary responsibility in the bankruptcy of the company.
  • Representation of the Administration of the municipality in the case of contesting the right of ownership of the property of public utilities.
  • Recovery of unjust enrichment arising from the chain of contracts of assignment of the right of claim from a commercial organization to an individual entrepreneur. The claims were satisfied in full.
  • Representing the interests of the guaranteed supplying organization in a series of disputes in connection with non-contractual consumption. The claims were satisfied in full.
  • Recovery of accounts receivable under water supply and wastewater disposal contracts of the guaranteed supplying organization.
  • Collecting payment for the negative impact on the centralized wastewater disposal system from all subscribers of the guaranteeing resource supplying organization.
  • Represented a consulting company on the issue of contesting a non-legislative act of the Municipal Administration. Claims are satisfied in full.


  • Drafting a package of documents on compliance with Federal Law On Personal Data for the developer of ERP systems.
  • Advising a company operating in the energy sector on compliance with the law on personal data in the process of working with subscribers.
  • Drafting a set of documents for the glass industry enterprise's compliance with the legislation on personal data.
  • Advising the regional operator of the GLONAS system on the drafting of a package of documents for compliance with personal data legislation in the process of developing an electronic health care system under a state contract.
  • Legal support for an IT-company, a member of the High-Tech Park of the Republic of Belarus, on the issue of personal data protection.
  • Advising an IT company on the protection of personal data of users of the electronic regional health system.
  • Advising a wholesale company on compliance with personal data legislation in the local acts of the organization.


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GRATA International in the rating "Leaders of the Russian Legal Services Market 2024" by Kommersant publishing house

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The GRATA International case is recognized among the outstanding cases of 2023 that changed the legal landscape

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Partner GRATA International has been elected to the Executive Team of EUROBAK Tax Committee


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Information regarding the Submission of an Application for the acquisition of Cypriot Citizenship by Naturalization

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Legal Alert: Regulation of Public-Private Partnership

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Legal Alert: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Its Legal Regulation


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GRATA International together with BEPS Academy will held a webinar on "Permanent Establishment - Practice and Risks"

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GRATA International will hold a joint webinar with Konsu

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Partner and Head of Natural Resources Department at GRATA International will moderate a plenary session of the MINEX Kazakhstan 2024