• Advising a participant of the ‘Pavlodar’ SEZ on the construction of an industrial base in the territory of the SEZ, as well as legal support to the company when performing economic activity;
  • Advising a largeregional construction company on a joint venture with a German company in the area of industrial trade;Advising a Kazakhstani company on the acquisition of a participatory interest in a large company – subsoil user inthe Pavlodar region;
  • Advising a large Kazakhstani construction company on the creation of a consortium to participate in the large infrastructure projects in the Pavlodar region;
  • Advising a Spanish construction company on the creation of a joint venture with a Kazakhstani company and on other legal issues, includingon the permit system of the Republic of Kazakhstan,labour, corporate governance and investment protectionissues;
  • Advisinga Kazakhstani construction company on disputes with a subcontractor during the execution of the agreement on public procurement;
  • Protecting the interests of a project company in the court proceedings underthe claim for recognition of the supplier of public procurement as unfair and for the recovery of damages;
  • Advising a Russian project company on the permit system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, re-registration of the company’s representative office in the Pavlodar region,legal support in obtainingpermits to conduct design and research operations.
  • Representing a Kazakhstani trading company in court on disputes arising from the concluded sale-and-purchase agreement.
Representative in Pavlodar
Pavlodar, Kazakhstan