• Advised on Bankruptcy and Insolvency proceeding;
  • Advised to BAT Uzbekistan on the import of non-tobacco nicotine products;
  • Reviewed and revised an Importer Agreement for BMW AG;
  • Revised a Service Agreement on Audition for Bureau Veritas Inspection Testing Mongolia LLC;
  • Advised on Collateral Item Registration;
  • Advised on an Escrow account;
  • Drafted a Legal Summary of Railway Transportation Regulation of Mongolia;
  • Drafted a Legal Summary of Mutual Agreement Procedure on Double Taxation of Mongolia;
  • Drafted a Sales and Purchase Agreement for BV Mongolia;
  • Advised on Liquidation process of a foreign investment company in Mongolia;
  • Conducted a wide range of research on the Corporate Governance Assessment of Mongolia under the EBRD’s instruction;
  • Drafted a Legal Summary on the Block-Chain Regulation in Mongolia.
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia